The famous Cinco de Mayo forts of Puebla

Many people know of Cinco de Mayo, but most don’t know why they are celebrating other than having a margarita or tequila shot. In fact, most people outside of Mexico think Cinco de Mayo is Mexican Independence Day, it’s not……. read more at

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10 things you need to know about Puebla, Mexico

1 – Puebla was founded on April 16th, 1531 as the first ‘perfect’ city in the Americas; that is, a city built to accommodate only Spaniards.

2 – Unlike other cities, the archive of the city of Puebla preserves unique documents such as the original Royal Charter that establishes it’s foundation and it’s Royal Provision, showcasing the famous coast of arms of the city. Because of their importance, the aforementioned documents and many others belonging to the archive have been inserted in the UNESCO-Mexico Memory of the World Register.

Puebla's zocalo

Puebla’s zocalo

3 – The historic center of Puebla (World Heritage site by UNESCO since 1987) contains 2619 monuments distributed across 391 blocks; making Puebla the city with the largest number of monuments in the Americas.

4 – Many relevant historical events have occurred in the city of Puebla; for example, the famous battle of  “Cinco de Mayo”. This battle took place in 1862 and in it the Mexican army defeated the French army (then considered the strongest of all). Furthermore, the city is the birthplace of the Mexican Revolution; on November 18th, 1910 the Serdan siblings were attacked at their house by the Mexican government due to their subversive ideas and activities. The revolution spread across the country in the days after the attack.

5 – Talavera from Puebla is one of the few Mexican products with a protected designation of origin. Talavera is a type of ceramic that has been produced without interruption for more than four centuries, making it on of the most important folk art expressions in Mexico.

6 – The cuisine of Puebla is one of the most diverse and exquisite in Mexico and in the world. Puebla has provided Mexico with it’s most traditional dish; Mole Poblano (chili chocolate sauce). Also, one can find Chiles en Nogada (spicy peppers filled with mince and covered in batter with nut sauce), Chalupas (small fried tortilla snacks) and Cemitas (Puebla’s version of a torta sandwich).

7 – The Palafox library is considered the oldest library in the Americas with an intact collection. The building and all the shelves and furniture are original. These characteristics lead the UNESCO adding the library to it’s “Memory of the World” registry in 2005.

The Cathedral of Puebla at night

The Cathedral of Puebla at night

8 – The Cathedral of Puebla is considered

one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world, in addition to having the tallest towers on the continent. Furthermore, the Cathedral safe

guards an important art collection (paintings, sculptures, music compositions and documents).

9 – Africam Safari is the most important zoo-safari in Latin America. Wild animals roam free and make an unforgettable experience for visitors, encouraging them to love and respect our planet.

10 – The Chapel of the Rosary is the greatest baroque jewel of the seventeenth century in Puebla and in Mexico. Since the day it opened its doors on April 16th 1690, the Chapel has been seen as one of a kind due to it’s symbolism and the quality of it’s decorations which are largely covered with gold foil.

Information courtesy of the Puebla Municipal Government.

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