Mexico Travel Medical Insurance Protection

Why it is so important to have an accident & illness plan in place in the event of a medical emergency

When traveling or living in Mexico, many people never take the time to consider what will happen in the case of an emergency or a sudden illness. The healthcare coverage that you have in the United States or Canada is often not valid when traveling to other countries.. Before traveling one needs to determine the type of coverage they currently have in place and if they aren’t covered internationally, they need to make sure they get a travel medical insurance that will cover them when in Mexico or a foreign country.

Obtaining travel health insurance protection can be quite inexpensive, especially when compared to having to use your credit card in the case of an illness or injury. When traveling, using a credit card can cause you to pay extremely large amounts for medical care when outside of the United States. Another issue with using a credit card for medical expenses is that if you did not use your card when you originally booked your travel, there is a chance that you won’t be able to use it to obtain medical assistance either.

When looking at International healthcare policies, there are a few things that you really need to make sure will be included in the policy. The first thing you need to make sure you have in place is an accident and illness policy. Be sure that you secure at least $100,000.00 USD of Medical Benefits per person in your family. Most policies will protect up to $1Million depending on age limitations.

In April 2014, a 66 year old women who was in Southern Baja slipped down some stairs and broke her hip. She was rushed to a nearby hospital where an air evacuation was coordinated. The cost of the air evacuation was $62,000.00 USD to California. The travel medical policy she secured with West Coast Insurance Services paid for all the expenses related to this injury. When on vacation or spending long periods of time out of your home country, you never know when an accident such as this could happen, and to be prepared and protect yourself is a must regardless of the amount of time you are away.

You may be walking into your hotel and slip on the sidewalk. A small slip can cause something as catastrophic as breaking your leg or color bone. In any type of accident, you need to make sure that you have adequate health coverage in place to cover you for anything that can possibly happen. Food poising is common when traveling abroad and having insurance protection will safe guard from unexpected expenses.

Some people have lived through virtual travel nightmares that were caused by accidents. A travel agent who was used to making sure her clients were told extensively about obtaining travel insurance and the importance of it was recently on a cruise with her family and in all of the excitement of getting prepared to go, she forgot all about signing up for travel medical insurance.

The woman and her minor children had left the cruise ship while docked for excursions on the island. They rented scooters and during a scooter ride, the woman crashed her scooter while driving and she ended up with temporary amnesia, serious cuts to her face, as well as a broken leg. Since she did not have insurance that would cover her while in Mexico, the physicians took photos of her facial injuries and sent them to her husband back in the United States.

They essentially demanded money just as one would see in a hostage situation, from her husband. They also did not give the woman much needed fluids, pain medicine or antibiotics. She laid in a hospital bed in pain and unable to pay for proper medical care. On top of this, her minor children were essentially sent away on their own to figure out how to get back to the cruise ship. This woman’s life was turned upside down by simply not making sure that she had travel medical insurance before she left for her vacation.

Safe guard yourself & your loved ones with a travel medical insurance policy that includes air evacuation. With no restrictions on nationality, it is no longer just an option but instead, this protection is a necessity to ensure that you and your family are fully protected when you are traveling or living abroad in Mexico.

You would be surprised at how little this protection costs for the amount of financial security you will receive for your travels internationally. There are single trip policies that can be purchased or if you are a frequent traveler with multiple trips out of your home country in a year period there are the multi trip annual plans. International insurance companies looking after your best interest and safe guard your health and pocket book in the event of the unforeseen.

Editor’s note: We thank West Coast Insurance Services for writing this article and clearing up some of the questions about medical insurance for vacationers and retirees in Mexico.

The Doors of Isla Mujeres

A recent visit to Isla Mujeres off of the beaches of Cancun led to these photos of the unique doors (and windows) on this Mexican Caribbean island. Take a look at what we found (click here for full story: If you would like to know more about Isla Mujeres, please go to


Going To The Circus In Mexico


Knife thrower in the Mexican circus

Knife thrower in the Mexican circus

“Olguin Hermanos Circus, Another Mexican Delight”
Story and photos by Hank Duckman

It was during the rainy season a number of years ago. The Olguin Hermanos Circus was performing in a small Mexican village. Although the daily downfalls had been heavy, the tent and rigging were up and the show was going on. It seemed to Rafael Morales Alvarado that the water level in and around the big top was a couple of inches deep. As he came into the ring to perform the knife-throwing act he had been perfecting for years, he saw spectators sitting with their feet in deep puddles of water. Some of the lights had shorted out and the sound system was working erratically. He had given his hands an extra dousing of alcohol for its drying effect so as not to lose control of the knives and axes he hurls towards a large disc-shaped wooden panel with his wife attached to the middle of it whirling around in a circle.

There were no accidents that day. The audience gave him one of his biggest ovations. He says that one of the rewards of being a circus performer is knowing the people in the audience are eager to see what the circus has to offer and receiving their demonstration of appreciation.

Rafael is a true “cirquero”, having been born into the circus. He is forty-eight years old but looks younger. He is about five feet seven inches tall. When he comes out to perform he appears taller with black shoulder length hair that flows straight down the back of his neck over a headband, reminiscent of U.S. native American style. His parents and grandparents were also “cirqueros”.

He met his wife twenty-five years ago in a small village where he was performing with the circus and they started a courtship. She was not of the circus. After they married, she went off with him and has been with him and the circus for the last twenty-three years. In addition to being part of the knife-throwing act, she sells snacks and trinkets before the circus begins and during the intermission. Three of their children also perform with the circus. Rafael, eighteen years old, and his younger brother Jesus, eleven, are trampoline artists. Their sister performs a gymnastic contorsionist act.

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Bella Sirena Resort – A luxurious & relaxing visit in the heart of the Sonora desert

Bella Sirena condos in Rocky Point

During a recent trip to Puerto Peñasco, Mexico I had the opportunity to stay a couple nights at Bella Sirena Resort.  The resort sits on 14 acres located on a stretch of sand known as Sandy Beach; just a couple miles away from the old port.  Driving to Rocky Point from the United States is easy and well-marked and can be reached from San Diego, California in less than six hours.

Mexican Highway 3 from Mexicali leads almost right to the front entrance.  Check-in was in a small office just outside the tall iron gates.  Once inside the hand-laid cobblestone roads give the resort a feel of exclusivity and old world Mexican charm.  Five, 9-story buildings sit close to the beach and one, two and three bedroom condos are for rent and for sale.  Larger villas of up to five bedrooms are located on the beach and around four beautifully tiled vanishing edge pools that rival those in Cabo San Lucas, and offer satisfying relief from the hot desert sun.  The landscaping is beautiful with lush green grass and native desert fauna that is meticulously maintained.

Rocky Point vacation condo

I stayed on the fifth floor in a two bedroom condo that was immaculate and provided all the comforts one would need.  Every rental is individually owned so no two are the same.  The rental I stayed in had décor that was perfectly appointed; comfortable queen and king sized beds as well as oversized couches filled the space. High ceilings, recessed fans and tile floors all added to the already unexpected space.

The showers were big and the deep, round bathtub in the master bedroom had a private ocean view.  Everything from high speed internet, flat screen HD TV’s and air conditioning worked without failure or incidence.  The kitchen was fully equipped and ready for entertaining.  The balcony was huge and outdoor seating and tables were nicely placed.  The view from the balcony across from the pools and out to the Sea of Cortez was crystal clear and blue.

View of the Sea of Cortez

The main pool has a swim-up bar with a small restaurant called Azul.  The price of food and drinks was more than reasonable and the staff was fun and attentive.  I spent most of my time submersed up to my shoulders in the pool closest to the beach enjoying the view of the Sea of Cortez and the warmth of the wind on my face.

I visited Bella Sirena Resort at the end of the off season and the rates were fantastic.  Even during peak season, October to May, staying here won’t do any damage to your wallet.  Expect to pay three to five times more for a stay in a comparable ocean front resort in the United States.

Bella Sirena is not a hotel resort and though there is no room service I felt extremely pampered here and the property is nothing less than elegant.  The resort was affordable and luxurious and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay.  Forget about blood thinners, anxiety medication and heart pills, if Bella Sirena Resort doesn’t reduce the pressure in your veins, nothing will.  I highly suggest a stay at the Bella Sirena Resort;



About the writer: Lencho is a freelance travel adventure writer with a genuine love and curiosity of the world with a particular affinity for Latin American cultures, people, food, wild spaces, urban places and a seeker of human smiles and laughter.

Luxurious condos in Mexico

Bella Sirena poolEditors Note: We would like to thank Seaside Mexico for the complimentary stay for our write and photographer while in Rocky Point. If you are looking for a vacation rentals in Puerto Penasco, please consider Seaside Mexico.

Tijuana Zonkey’s bring smiles and an uncertain future

Tijuana Zonkeys (Donkey)Paint a donkey to look like a Zebra and you will undoubtedly draw attention.  Slightly confused, curious and definitely intrigued, whether you are six years old or fifty years old, that is the feeling most will have when they walk past the Zonkeys of Tijuana.  These Zonkeys have been an icon on the busiest corners of Mexico’s most bustling border town for ninety-nine years. Read more at our BajaVisitor Blog……