A visit to the dentist in Rocky Point, Sonora

On recent trip to Mexico I had the good fortune of being introduced to Dra. Angela Acuna at Rocky Smiles Health Center just outside of Puerto Penasco (also known as Rocky Point) on the very north end of the Sea of Cortez. It wasn’t my first trip to a Mexican dentist and it won’t be my last. In fact I plan to travel the short five hour drive from San Diego to that little slice of desert paradise whenever any future dental work is needed. It was without a doubt the most unique and pleasant experience I have ever had at a dentist and for once in my life I look forward to the follow up work that my mouth needs.

Dentist in Rocky Point
This dental experience was unique in the fact that finding the place of business wasn’t so much difficult but when I did drive up on Dra. Angela’s facility it was as if I was walking into a home. The walk from the dirt road goes through a gate then instantly you are calmed by clean white walls, flowers and succulents that decorate and perfectly adorn the entrance. Once inside there is a waiting room and a front desk but you may still think you are in somebody’s home. I have a tendency to let anxiety creep into my brain when just the thought of going to a dentist is imminent but from the street to the front desk all anxiety was dismantled, it was as if I was going to visit a friend that was there to look at my teeth, a friend I had never met.
Now don’t get me wrong, Rocky Smiles is an extremely professional operation and Dra. Angela’s many dental certificates and awards hang in frames neatly on the wall but the place is just so calming. This place is a far cry from the structured minimalist, stainless steel facilities in the US, and I liked it.
I had arrived a little early and while I waited I met a very nice woman from Arizona. She and her husband were retired and vacationed in Rocky Point often for the last 20 years. Fifteen years ago the husband had broken a tooth here on a Saturday and by Sunday the gentleman a permanent crown. A crown that had been manufactured in Dr. Angela’s lab which is conveniently located on the property. A decade and a half later that crown is still in place and they praise the work, returning again and again in full boycott of US dentists and the exorbitant prices of which they demand.
I was there for a teeth cleaning and to take inventory as to what ten years of dental neglect had in store for me. I won’t go into the long list of what was needed but I will say that when it was all added up, nearly twelve items, it was two thirds the cost of what I would expect to pay in San Diego. In fact it would be cheaper and faster to set myself up in a luxury resort on the outskirts of town for a week and have it all taken care of recovering daily in the desert sun, lounging on the beach or near a vanishing edge pool. Of course this is the future plan.
It took about 20 minutes for my teeth cleaning and the procedure was painless and efficient and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the entire experience. When she was finished I almost expected an offer to join her and her family for dinner. Well I didn’t get an offer for dinner but I did get an offer to return and have some or all of my dental needs handled all under one roof any day of the week.

If you or anyone you know are looking for dental work I couldn’t recommend more highly the services of Dra. Angela Acuna, her staff and her pleasant Rocky Smiles facility.
For more information and to check out all the extremely positive praise Dra Angela receives, connect via email at dra_angelaar@hotmail.com or to this link http://mexicodental.co/rocky-smiles-health-center

About the writer: Lencho is a freelance travel adventure writer with a genuine love and curiosity of the world with a particular affinity for Latin American cultures, people, food, wild spaces, urban places and a seeker of human smiles and laughter. Look for his posts from time to time. Lencho.MexicoVisitor@gmail.com

Bella Sirena Resort – A luxurious & relaxing visit in the heart of the Sonora desert

Bella Sirena condos in Rocky Point

During a recent trip to Puerto Peñasco, Mexico I had the opportunity to stay a couple nights at Bella Sirena Resort.  The resort sits on 14 acres located on a stretch of sand known as Sandy Beach; just a couple miles away from the old port.  Driving to Rocky Point from the United States is easy and well-marked and can be reached from San Diego, California in less than six hours.

Mexican Highway 3 from Mexicali leads almost right to the front entrance.  Check-in was in a small office just outside the tall iron gates.  Once inside the hand-laid cobblestone roads give the resort a feel of exclusivity and old world Mexican charm.  Five, 9-story buildings sit close to the beach and one, two and three bedroom condos are for rent and for sale.  Larger villas of up to five bedrooms are located on the beach and around four beautifully tiled vanishing edge pools that rival those in Cabo San Lucas, and offer satisfying relief from the hot desert sun.  The landscaping is beautiful with lush green grass and native desert fauna that is meticulously maintained.

Rocky Point vacation condo

I stayed on the fifth floor in a two bedroom condo that was immaculate and provided all the comforts one would need.  Every rental is individually owned so no two are the same.  The rental I stayed in had décor that was perfectly appointed; comfortable queen and king sized beds as well as oversized couches filled the space. High ceilings, recessed fans and tile floors all added to the already unexpected space.

The showers were big and the deep, round bathtub in the master bedroom had a private ocean view.  Everything from high speed internet, flat screen HD TV’s and air conditioning worked without failure or incidence.  The kitchen was fully equipped and ready for entertaining.  The balcony was huge and outdoor seating and tables were nicely placed.  The view from the balcony across from the pools and out to the Sea of Cortez was crystal clear and blue.

View of the Sea of Cortez

The main pool has a swim-up bar with a small restaurant called Azul.  The price of food and drinks was more than reasonable and the staff was fun and attentive.  I spent most of my time submersed up to my shoulders in the pool closest to the beach enjoying the view of the Sea of Cortez and the warmth of the wind on my face.

I visited Bella Sirena Resort at the end of the off season and the rates were fantastic.  Even during peak season, October to May, staying here won’t do any damage to your wallet.  Expect to pay three to five times more for a stay in a comparable ocean front resort in the United States.

Bella Sirena is not a hotel resort and though there is no room service I felt extremely pampered here and the property is nothing less than elegant.  The resort was affordable and luxurious and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay.  Forget about blood thinners, anxiety medication and heart pills, if Bella Sirena Resort doesn’t reduce the pressure in your veins, nothing will.  I highly suggest a stay at the Bella Sirena Resort;



About the writer: Lencho is a freelance travel adventure writer with a genuine love and curiosity of the world with a particular affinity for Latin American cultures, people, food, wild spaces, urban places and a seeker of human smiles and laughter.  Lencho.MexicoVisitor@gmail.com

Luxurious condos in Mexico

Bella Sirena poolEditors Note: We would like to thank Seaside Mexico for the complimentary stay for our write and photographer while in Rocky Point. If you are looking for a vacation rentals in Puerto Penasco, please consider Seaside Mexico.