Acapulco’s gets it’s vibe back at Hotel Boca Chica

Boca Chica from the sea

Last week I had the pleasure of a relaxing stay at the newly remodeled historic Boca Chica Hotel in old Acapulco. Mexico’s hip hoteliers, Grupo Habita has pulled off another simplistic yet luxurious small hotel.

The second I exited my taxi, I knew great changes had taken place here. I had visited the hotel about 7 years ago to see what had happened to this legendary resort. Unfortunately, the former fame of visiting Hollywood stars and other celebrities in the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s had vanished into a slumbering despair by the 1990’s and into the new century.

The Boca Chica of broken fixtures, sagging beds, and indifference I came to know in 2003 was a nightmare compared to the dream of this chic hotel today. The structure of the buildings and tranquility mirror the past, but the laid back luxury, comfortable rooms, incredible views, delicious food, and outstanding service have transported the princess of Old Acapulco to the future.

Fantastic views abound

From the moment the bellboy opened the doors to my corner second floor room until my checkout three days later, I felt the quality of the service of the staff. Everyone put forth a real smile and seemed to be there when I needed assistance yet were extremely attentive to the times when solitude was desired.

What could be better for an afternoon siesta?

The simple style of my suite was very comfortable. With two walls containing shuttered doors which opened to the sea and Playas Caletilla and Caleta, the view could not have been more impressive. A hammock strung along the balcony provided dream time in the afternoon. The bed and bedding were top notch and designed for a wonderful night of sleep. A flat screen TV and free WiFi were available in the room, but I couldn’t find the time for technology with the swimming, eating and sunbathing I needed to do. In the mornings a stylish, free-standing shower with curtains hung from the ceiling provided for a refreshing wake up to the day’s adventures.

With a wonderful 50’s era pool overlooking the strait between the hotel and Isla Roqueta, taking it easy is simple. You can swim in the pool, with it’s perfect temperature, or dive into the bay from the old steps dropping into the water just below. The hotel also has piped in music throughout the day and you never know when a couple guests might sway to the groovy sounds on the speakers.

For those looking for some daytime activity, there is also a small workout area, kayaks and a motorboat for guest’s use (it’s free). You’ll find sitting areas to relax with a book or enjoy a cocktail throughout the hotel. And for those looking for pure relaxation, they have an excellent spa with ocean views. The spa offers an assortment of body treatments and included time in the glass sauna and round small tubs of varying degrees of water overlooking the ocean.

Dive into Old Acapulco

Next to the pool is the large palapa restaurant and bar. Open to the sea so the patrons can enjoy the view and the breezes, the restaurant is under the guidance of a famous chef from New York. Chef Keisuke Harada specializes in sushi dishes, but his many other seafood plates match the quality and taste. Each day, I enjoyed something new and delicious on the menu.

If you are looking for something authentic and yet stylish, then the 36-room Hotel Boca Chica comes highly recommended. You won’t find an option like this along the rows of high rise hotels at the other end of the bay where most people stay, but you will find great service, culture, comfort and a relaxing energy on a small private cove in Old Acapulco.

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Ted Donovan


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